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Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 27
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Amelia 9
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Mondaino 9
Pristina 8
Yiwu 8
Berlin 7
Changchun 7
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Venezia 7
Castelfidardo 6
Estepona 6
Fayetteville 6
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Olot 6
Phoenix 6
Adana 5
Ascoli Piceno 5
Auburn Hills 5
Campobasso 5
Chengdu 5
Evora 5
Totale 10.569
Nome #
Effects of summer rainfall variations on sheep body state and farming sustainability in sub-Mediterranean pastoral systems 361
Effect of red deer grazing on alpine hay meadows: Biodiversity and management implications 359
Evidence of Facilitation Cascade Processes as Drivers of Successional Patterns of Ecosystem Engineers at the Upper Altitudinal Limit of the Dry Puna 291
Filtering effect of temporal niche fluctuation and amplitude of environmental variations on the trait-related flowering patterns: lesson from sub-Mediterranean grasslands 260
Decrease of summer rainfall negatively affects forage yield and sheep body state threatening farming sustainability: insight for facing climate changes 245
Plant diversity changes in a nature reserve: a probabilistic sampling method for quantitative assessments 236
Analisi diacronica dei cambiamenti del paesaggio pastorale d’alta quota dei Monti Sibillini (1988-2015) e loro possibili impatti sulla biodiversità e sugli habitat di interesse comunitario 230
Long-term cropland abandonment does not lead per se to the recovery of semi-natural herb communities deemed habitats of community interest 227
Analysis of the functional composition of the hilly forest landscape in the Monti Sibillini National park 226
Analysis of functional composition of sub-mediterranena grasslands along drought stress gradient 215
Proposal of buffering action towards increasing drought stress effects on farm productivity in Central Italy Apennine 215
Apelin System in Mammary Gland of Sheep Reared in Semi-Natural Pastures of the Central Apennines 214
Functional response of graminoid species to changing summer water availability: insight into the effects of climate change in sub-Mediterranean meadows 208
Functional variation of Brachypodium genuense (DC) Roem et Schult in sub-Mediterranean grassland 207
Functional response of an invasive tall grass (Brachypodium genuense) to environmental variability in sub-Mediterranean climate 203
How soil water availability affects the functional diversity in grazed and abandoned pastures 202
Effect of climatic and topographic variables on NDVI variations in a sub-Mediterranean mountain pastoral system 194
null 194
Changes in species and functional composition in not managed(by more than 40 years) Ostrya carpinifolia coppicced woods 190
Variation of functional diversity of the herbaceous layer of beech woods along the Apennine ridge (Italy) 185
Recovery of a grassland community invaded by Brachypodium rupestre after multi-annual mowing tratment 184
The effects of feeding supplementation on the nutritional quality of milk and cheese from sheep grazing on dry pasture 183
Increase of drought stress negatively affects the sustainability of extensive sheep farming in sub-Mediterranean climate 178
Successional patterns of ecosystem engineers at the upper altitudinal limit of the Dry Puna (Peru): a facilitation cascade process 175
Gut complex carbohydrates and intestinal microflora in broiler chickens fed with oregano (Origanum vulgare L.) aqueous extract and vitamin E 174
Carta della distribuzione delle aree forestali vocate per il tartufo nero pregiato (Tuber melanosporum) del territorio della Comunità Montana di Camerino - Scala 1: 50.000 167
Syntaxonomy and site ecology of a Central Italy forest landscape 161
Environmental gradients and grassland trait variation: Insight into the effects of climate change 160
Assessment of interaction between sheep and poorly palatable grass: a key tool for grassland management and restoration 157
Tall grass invasion after grassland abandonment influences the availability of palatable plants for wild herbivores: insight into the conservation of the Apennine chamois Rupicapra pyrenaica ornata. 147
The interplay of nurse and target plant traits influences magnitude and direction of facilitative interactions under different combinations of stress and disturbance intensities in Andean dry grassland. 143
Context-dependent effects of abandonment vs. grazing on functional composition and diversity of sub-Mediterranean grasslands 142
Increase of Forage Dryness Induces Differentiated Anatomical Response in the Sheep Rumen Compartments 140
Map of changes in landscape naturalness in the Fiastra and Salino catchment basins (central Italy) 139
Carta della vocazionalità del territorio della Comunità Montana di Camerino per la coltivazione del tartufo nero pregiato (Tuber melanosporum) - Scala 1: 50.000 138
Carta della copertura vegetale (derivata dai valori di NDVI) per la valutazione della variazione temporale delle caratteristiche paesaggistiche e della biodiversità delle aree di alta quota nel Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini. Anno 1988 136
Anatomy for economy: Starting from the rumen keratinization degree to enhance the farm income 134
I tartufi della Marca di Camerino tra paesaggio e gastronomia 131
Variations in CSR strategies along stress gradients in the herb layer of submediterranean forests (central Italy) 131
Pedo-climatic and land use preferences of Gentiana lutea subsp lutea in central Italy 130
Relation between biometric parameters and autumn-winter food availability in a roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) population in central Italy 129
Effects of grazing vs mowing on the functional diversity of sub-Mediterranean productive grasslands 128
Effect of tall-grass invasion on the flowering-related functional pattern of submediterranean hay-meadows 126
Evaluation of storage conditions on equine adipose tissue-derived multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells 125
Carta delle unità di gestione dei Sistemi forestali del PArco NAzionale dei Monti Sibillini 124
The interplay among grazing history, plant-plant spatial interactions and species traits affects vegetation recovery processes in Patagonian steppe 123
Immuno-and glyco-histochemistry as a tool to evaluate the oregano supplemented feed effects in pig gut 122
Effects of long-term mowing on coenological composition and recovery routes of a Brachypodium rupestre-invaded community: insight into the restoration of sub-Mediterranean productive grasslands 122
Reproductive traits variation in the herb layer of a submediterranean deciduous forest landscape 121
Carta degli habitat potenziali del bacino marmifero "Monte Altissimo Est" - Piani attuativi dei bacini estrattivi delle Alpi Apuane (scala 1: 2000) 120
How environment and grazing influence floristic composition of dry Puna in the southern Peruvian Andes 119
Carta della copertura vegetale (derivata da NDVI) per la valutazione della variazione spaziale delle caratteristiche paesaggistiche e della conservazione della biodiversità delle aree di alta quota del Parco NAzionale dei Monti Sibillini: Anno 2015 118
Context-dependent variation of SLA and plant height of a dominant, invasive tall grass (Brachypodium genuense) in sub-Mediterranean grasslands 117
Regeneration of Ostrya carpinifolia Scop. forest after coppicing: modelling of changes in species diversity and composition 115
Distribution of the nurse species Pycnophyllum molle J. Rémy and P. weberbaueri Muschl. in the Andean dry puna (Arequipa district-Southern Peru): role of topographic/soil variability and disturbance regime 114
Carta degli habitat potenziali del bacino marmifero "Retro Altissimo" - Piani attuativi dei bacini estrattivi delle Alpi Apuane (scala 1: 2000) 114
Carta degli habitat potenziali del bacino "Monte Pelato" - Piani attuativi dei bacini estrattivi delle Alpi Apuane (scala 1: 2000) 113
Variazione della ricchezza floristica negli ecosistemi di prateria dell’Appennino umbro-marchigiano lungo un gradiente altitudinale 112
Influence of Different Feed Physical Forms on Mandibular Gland in Growing Pigs 111
Trait-related flowering patterns in submediterranean mountain meadows 109
The effects of environmental features and overstory composition on the understory species assemblage in sub-Mediterranean coppiced woods: implications for a sustainable forest management 109
A Novel Method for Increasing the Numerousness of Biometrical Parameters Useful for Wildlife Management: Roe Deer Mandible as Bone Model 108
Functional database of limestone Apennine beech forests 105
Macro, Micro and Molecular changes of sheep ingestive apparatus related to dry grassland vegetative cycle: a key tool for rangeland management 104
Effects of abandonment on the functional composition and forage nutritive value of a North Adriatic dry grassland community (Cicarija, Croatia) 102
Oregano feed supplementation affects glycoconjugates production in swine gut 100
Functional pattern behind the temporal niche partitioning in mespphylous grasslands 98
Land use change in the high mountain belts of the central Apennines led to marked changes of the grassland mosaic 94
Secondo contributo alla conoscenza floristica della Basilicata: resoconto dell’escursione del Guppo di Floristica (S.B.I.) nel 2004. 91
Assessment of floristic diversity, functional composition and management strategy of North Adriatic pastoral landscape (Croatia) 90
The vascular flora of the Altipiani di Colfiorito (Umbria-Marches Apennines, Italy) 89
Trait variation along a regenerative chronosequence in the herb layer of submediterranean forests 85
Seedling survival and dynamics of upper timberline in central Apennines 83
Plant–environment interactions through a functional traits perspective: a review of Italian studies 80
Plant species diversity and distribution along environmental gradients in a submediterranean forest landscape (central Italy) 78
Analisi preliminari finalizzate alla redazione di un piano di gestione per il canneto (Phragmitetum vulgaris) nella Palude di Colfiorito (Umbria - Italia) 77
The interplay between flowering timing and environmental constraints affects the functional strategies in central Apennine grasslands 76
An updated checklist of the vascular flora of Montagna di Torricchio State Nature Reserve (Marche, Italy) 75
Carta del paesaggio vegetale del Castello di Lanciano (Fondazione Maria Sofia Giustiniani Bandini) (Marche, Italia). 72
Piani di gestione dei SIC della Comunità Montana Alto Chiascio – Umbria: il caso studio del SIC Monti Maggio e Nero (IT5210014) 66
The geosynphytosociological approach as a tool for agriculture innovation: the study case of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) cultivation suitability assessment in the Macerata district (central Italy) 66
Oregano (Origanum vulgare L.) aqueous extract diet supplementation enhances defense ability of pig gut 66
How tall grass invasion after grassland abandonement affect wild fauna: The decline of Apennine Chamois Rupicapra pyrenaica ornata in its distribution core area 62
Il paesaggio vegetale della dorsale del Monte S. Pancrazio (Umbria-Italia centrale) 59
Contributo alla conoscenza floristica delle Colline Pisane: resoconto dell'escursione del Gruppo di Floristica (S.B.I.) nel 2009. 58
Effect of management modification on the coenological composition of the North Adriatic pastoral landscape (Ćićarija, Croatia) 57
38°Meeting EADSVE Book of Abstracts 54
Monitoring of Alarm Reactions of Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) in a Captive Population in Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Natural Park 50
38° Meeting EADSVE 46
Contributo preliminare alla conoscenza della flora del Pian Grande di Castelluccio di Norcia (Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini) 44
The apelinergic system immuno-detection in the abomasum and duodenum of sheep grazing on semi-natural pasture 42
Global warming: reconciling biodiversity maintenance with mountain farming economic sustainability 41
Preserving plant biodiversity by implementing the economic sustainability of mountain farming in sub-Mediterranean dry grasslands 34
Species trait syndrome drives the leaves’ functional variations of dominant grasses to modifications in summer water supply 31
Concept mapping: a learning tool for higher education. 29
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