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Nome #
Mechanical and impact characterization of hybrid composite laminates with carbon, basalt and flax fibres 303
Potential of wool felts in combination with glass fibres: Mechanical and low velocity impact assessment 213
Use of Almond Shells and Rice Husk as Fillers of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) (PMMA) Composites 205
Failure mode discrimination in mode II fracture of glass/epoxy laminates using acoustic emission technique 184
Mechanical characterisation of concrete beams filled with different amounts of nanosilica and coir-human hair fibre 176
Modeling of Falling Weight Impact Behavior of Hybrid Basalt/Flax Vinylester Composites 174
The potential of biomimetics design in the development of impact resistant material 170
Characterization of indentation damage resistance of hybrid composite laminates using acoustic emission monitoring 164
Transverse impact response of filament wound basalt composite tubes 155
Effect of stacking sequence on the tensile and flexural properties of glass fibre epoxy composites hybridized with basalt, flax or jute fibres 155
Analytical modeling and experimental validation of the low-velocity impact response of hemp and hemp/glass thermoset composites 155
Tensile, thermal and morphological characterization of Cocoa Bean Shells (CBS)/Polycaprolactone based composites 153
Neural Network Prediction of Aluminum–Silicon Carbide Tensile Strength from Acoustic Emission Rise Angle Data 146
Basalt fibre laminates non-destructively inspected after low velocity impacts 146
DIY bioplastics from peanut hulls waste in a starch-milk based matrix 145
Thermographic Non-Destructive Evaluation for Natural Fiber-Reinforced Composite Laminates 144
The effect of fibre bridging on mode I interlaminar fracture toughness of carbon-aramid/epoxy intra-ply hybrid laminates 143
Interfacial Characterization by Pull-Out Test of Bamboo Fibers Embedded in Poly(Lactic Acid) 142
Effect of post-cure temperature and different reinforcements in adhesive bonded repair for damaged glass/epoxy composites under multiple quasi-static indentation loading 142
Monitoring of jute/hemp fiber hybrid laminates by non-destructive testing techniques 141
The Fracture Properties of Environmental-Friendly Fiber Metal Laminates 140
Mechanical and impact characterisation of flax and basalt fibre vinylester composites and their hybrids 140
Integration of Agro-waste in Fibrous form in DIY Composites for Prospective Design Applications 140
Development of a Biomedical Neckbrace through Tailored Auxetic Shapes 140
Mechanical and impact damage analysis on carbon/natural fibers hybrid composites: a review 138
Optimization of thermoplastic blend matrix HDPE/PLA with different types and levels of coupling agents 137
The effect of cochlear implant electrode insertion on middle ear function as measured by intra-operative Laser Doppler Vibrometry 133
Damage characterization of stiffened glass-epoxy laminates under tensile loading with acoustic emission monitoring 131
Residual strength estimation and damage characterization by acoustic emission of drilled thermally conditioned fiberglass laminates 131
Mechanical and thermal characterization of epoxy composites reinforced with random and quasi-unidirectional untreated Phormium tenax leaf fibers 123
Morphological, thermal and mechanical characterization of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) fibres as potential reinforcement in polymer composites 122
Tensile and fatigue characterisation of textile cotton waste/polypropylene laminates 120
Evaluation of a new green composite solution for wind turbine blades 118
Post-impact flexural tests on jute/polyester laminates monitored by acoustic emission 118
Mechanical and falling weight impact properties of unidirectional phormium fibre/epoxy laminates 117
Effect of untreated celery fibres on epoxy matrix composites 117
Binary PVA bio-nanocomposites containing cellulose nanocrystals extracted from different natural sources: Part I, 117
Effect of fibre architecture on the falling weight impact properties of hemp/epoxy composites 116
Post-impact damage characterization of hybrid configurations of jute/glass polyester laminates using acoustic emission and IR thermography 116
null 115
Proposte operative per l’introduzione della biomimetica nell’educazione scientifica della scuola dell’infanzia e dalla scuola primaria 115
Bioplastica autoprodotta a base di bucce di banana per produzione di oggetti di bigiotteria femminile 115
Falling weight impact and indentation damage characterisation of sandwich panels for marine applications 114
+ Design - Waste: a project for upcycling refuse using design tools, 114
Development of smart variable stiffness actuators using polymer hydrogels 113
Post-impact static and cyclic flexural characterisation of hemp fibre reinforced laminates 113
High speed impact properties of carbon-basalt-flax DHEC composites compared with pure carbon fibre composites 113
Influence of content and diameter of fibres and chemical treatment on the dielectric properties of oil palm fibres - rubber composites 112
The equivalent noise level generated by drilling onto the ossicular chain as measured by laser Doppler vibrometry: a temporal bone study 112
Quasi-static indentation behavior of GFRP with milled glass fiber filler monitored by acoustic emission 112
Sperimentazione su biocomposito autoprodotto dagli scarti delle vongole per possibile utilizzo di design 112
Falling weight impacted glass and basalt fibre woven composites inspected using non-destructive techniques 110
An innovative nondestructive perspective for the prediction of the effect of environmental aging on impacted composite materials 110
null 109
Lady's Finger Fibres for Possible Use as a Reinforcement in Composite Materials 108
IR thermography study of the effect of moulding parameters on impact resistance in E-glass/polypropylene commingled laminates 108
Poly(lactic acid)/Phormium tenax composites: Morphology and thermo-mechanical behavior 108
Post-Impact Mechanical Characterisation of Glass and Basalt Woven Fabric Laminates 107
Flexural behaviour of pultruded jute/glass and kenaf/glass hybrid composites monitored using acoustic emission 107
Ternary PVA nanocomposites containing cellulose nanocrystals from different sources and silver particles: Part II 107
Keratins extracted from Merino wool and Brown Alpaca fibres: Thermal, mechanical and biological properties of PLLA based biocomposites 107
Study and development of concepts of auxetic structures in bio-inspired design. 107
Falling weight impact damage characterisation on flax/epoxy laminates 106
Tensile behavior of New Zealand flax (Phormium tenax) fibers 106
Thermomechanical and electrical characterisation of EVA polymer compounds for cable accessories 106
Mechanical characterisation of hybrid composite laminates based on basalt fibres in combination with flax, hemp and glass fibres manufactured by vacuum infusion 104
Characterization of failure modes in compression-after impact of glass–epoxy composite laminates using acoustic emission monitoring 104
Tensile behavior of thermoplastic films from wheat flours as function of raw material baking properties 104
Effect of fiber surface treatments on thermo-mechanical behavior of poly(lactic acid)/phormium tenax composites 103
Influence of micro-structural voids on the mechanical and impact properties in commingled E-glass/polypropylene thermoplastic composites 103
Hybridisation between technology and biology in design for sustainability 102
Post-impact damage characterisation of natural fibre reinforced composites using acoustic emission 102
Improving performance and applicability of green composite materials by hybridization, 101
Damage tolerance of carbon/flax hybrid composites subjected to low velocity impact 100
null 99
Biodegradable polycaprolactone-based composites reinforced with ramie and borassus fibres 99
Terahertz amplitude polynomial principle component regression for aramid-basalt hybrid composite laminate inspection 99
null 98
null 97
null 96
null 95
A proposal of a new material for greenhouses on the basis of numerical, optical, thermal and mechanical approaches 95
Quasi-static indentation properties of damaged glass/epoxy composite laminates repaired by the application of intra-ply hybrid patches 95
IR Thermography 93
Impact and post-impact damage characterisation of hybrid composite laminates based on basalt fibres in combination with flax, hemp and glass fibres manufactured by vacuum infusion 93
Evaluation of tensile strength of fibers extracted from banana peels 93
null 92
Okra (Abelmoschus Esculentus) fibre based PLA composites: mechanical behaviour and biodegradation 92
Paper fiber filled polymer. Mechanical evaluation and interfaces modification 91
Acoustic emission for monitoring the mechanical behaviour of natural fibre composites: A literature review 90
Critical length measurements in carbon fibers during single fiber fragmentation tests using acoustic emission 89
Hand orthosis designed and produced in DIY biocomposites from agrowaste 89
Processi di crescita biologica e design parametrico 88
Experience of material tinkering from waste in the year 3-year 5 primary school age range as an introduction to design and sustainability 87
Static and dynamic behaviour of hybrid composites, 86
Cure cycle effect on impact resistance under elevated temperatures in carbon prepreg laminates investigated using acoustic emission 85
Void content measurements in thermoplastic composite materials through image analysis from optical micrographs 84
Esistono realmente materiali bio-ispirati? Uno studio in base ad alcune proprietà caratteristiche 83
Unprecedented high percentage of food waste powder filler in poly lactic acid green composites: synthesis, characterization, and volatile profile 83
Effect of loading-unloading cycles on impact-damaged jute/glass hybrid laminates 83
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