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NA - Nord America 4.731
EU - Europa 1.672
AS - Asia 897
AF - Africa 131
SA - Sud America 100
OC - Oceania 30
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 2
Totale 7.563
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 4.618
IT - Italia 484
FR - Francia 346
DE - Germania 199
IN - India 174
VN - Vietnam 168
CN - Cina 123
PL - Polonia 112
RU - Federazione Russa 109
GB - Regno Unito 108
CA - Canada 95
TR - Turchia 82
EG - Egitto 64
PK - Pakistan 47
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 46
NL - Olanda 42
FI - Finlandia 40
UA - Ucraina 36
KR - Corea 33
ZA - Sudafrica 31
ES - Italia 30
PH - Filippine 30
HK - Hong Kong 28
BR - Brasile 27
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 27
IE - Irlanda 25
IR - Iran 25
MY - Malesia 23
SG - Singapore 23
TH - Thailandia 23
ID - Indonesia 22
AU - Australia 21
PT - Portogallo 20
CL - Cile 19
CO - Colombia 18
TW - Taiwan 15
GR - Grecia 14
PE - Perù 13
NG - Nigeria 12
RO - Romania 12
SE - Svezia 12
AR - Argentina 10
CH - Svizzera 10
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 9
BE - Belgio 8
MX - Messico 7
BG - Bulgaria 6
BO - Bolivia 6
JP - Giappone 6
BD - Bangladesh 5
HN - Honduras 5
HU - Ungheria 5
IQ - Iraq 5
LT - Lituania 5
AT - Austria 4
DZ - Algeria 4
EC - Ecuador 4
IL - Israele 4
MA - Marocco 4
OM - Oman 4
SA - Arabia Saudita 4
SI - Slovenia 4
DK - Danimarca 3
JO - Giordania 3
LV - Lettonia 3
A2 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A2??? 2
BZ - Belize 2
CI - Costa d'Avorio 2
CR - Costa Rica 2
EE - Estonia 2
GH - Ghana 2
HR - Croazia 2
KE - Kenya 2
LU - Lussemburgo 2
MU - Mauritius 2
PY - Paraguay 2
TN - Tunisia 2
UG - Uganda 2
AF - Afghanistan, Repubblica islamica di 1
AL - Albania 1
BF - Burkina Faso 1
CY - Cipro 1
ET - Etiopia 1
KH - Cambogia 1
NP - Nepal 1
PA - Panama 1
PR - Porto Rico 1
SD - Sudan 1
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 1
TG - Togo 1
VE - Venezuela 1
Totale 7.563
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Fairfield 562
Ashburn 367
Santa Cruz 344
Seattle 305
Houston 291
Woodbridge 263
Camerino 240
Buffalo 189
Cambridge 186
Wilmington 164
Dong Ket 144
Ann Arbor 106
Warsaw 97
Omaha 91
Columbus 84
Chicago 77
Las Vegas 55
Los Angeles 51
San Diego 48
Istanbul 35
Williamstown 30
Helsinki 27
Saint Petersburg 27
Milan 25
Muizenberg 25
New York 25
Paris 25
Shanghai 25
Cairo 22
Clearwater 22
Dublin 22
Henderson 21
Amsterdam 20
Ottawa 20
Chennai 19
Singapore 18
Edmonton 17
Rome 17
San Francisco 17
Ahmedabad 16
Bangkok 16
Provo 16
Council Bluffs 15
Liverpool 15
Toronto 15
Boardman 14
Faisalabad 14
Jakarta 14
Riva 14
Shenyang 14
Hanoi 13
Lisbon 13
New Delhi 12
Arcevia 11
Dallas 11
Auburn 10
Beijing 10
Hamburg 10
Lappeenranta 10
Pune 10
St Petersburg 10
Agoura Hills 9
Denver 9
Hangzhou 9
San Jose 9
Bengaluru 8
Brooklyn 8
Crugers 8
Gatchina 8
Kuala Lumpur 8
London 8
Mumbai 8
Perm 8
Phoenix 8
Sydney 8
Bari 7
Berlin 7
Delhi 7
Fayetteville 7
Frankfurt am Main 7
Guangzhou 7
Hyderabad 7
Lake Forest 7
Nizhniy Novgorod 7
Stockholm 7
Al Mansurah 6
Ankara 6
Antakya 6
Cebu City 6
Frankfurt Am Main 6
Greensboro 6
Ho Chi Minh City 6
Kyiv 6
La Paz 6
Lebanon 6
Lima 6
Milpitas 6
Nanjing 6
Newcastle-under-Lyme 6
Olot 6
Totale 4.682
Nome #
The market of probiotics, file e0ff0073-f1ee-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 712
Commonalities in Development of Pure Breeds and Population Isolates Revealed in the Genome of the Sardinian Fonni's Dog, file e0ff0073-f0a3-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 317
Anti-hemorrhagic agents in oral and dental practice: an update, file e0ff0073-f0b2-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 213
Mechanisms and therapeutic effectiveness of lactobacilli, file e0ff0073-f17c-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 166
Persistence of bacterial indicators and zoonotic pathogens in contaminated cattle wastes, file e0ff0073-f76b-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 163
HIV-1 Tat-induced diarrhea evokes an enteric glia-dependent neuroinflammatory response in the central nervous system, file e0ff0073-f2f1-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 161
Assessing the Reliability of Commercially Available Point of Care in Various Clinical Fields, file e0ff0073-e1a9-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 156
A nutraceutical diet based on Lespedeza spp., Vaccinium macrocarpon and Taraxacum officinale improves spontaneous feline chronic kidney disease, file e0ff0073-eefa-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 156
Spray-dried chestnut extract containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus cells as novel ingredient for a probiotic chestnut mousse, file e0ff0073-edbe-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 152
Functional foods in pet nutrition: Focus on dogs and cats, file e0ff0073-f2f9-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 147
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Narrative review of telemedicine consultation in medical practice, file e0ff0073-f24f-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 135
Tetracyclines: Insights and Updates of their Use in Human and Animal Pathology and their Potential Toxicity, file e0ff0073-e149-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 131
Nutrition: from the first medicine to the first poison, file e0ff0073-edcf-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 127
Clinical evaluation of an antiinflammatory and antioxidant diet effect in 30 dogs affected by chronic otitis externa: preliminary results, file e0ff0072-a313-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 118
Therapeutic Effectiveness of a Dietary Supplement for Management of Halitosis in Dogs, file e0ff0073-f1e6-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 117
A dietary supplement improves facial photoaging and skin sebum, hydration and tonicity modulating serum fibronectin, neutrophil elastase 2, hyaluronic acid and carbonylated proteins, file e0ff0073-f1ea-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 110
Oxytetracycline induces DNA damage and epigenetic changes: a possible risk for human and animal health?, file e0ff0073-f2f5-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 110
Mechanical phenotyping of K562 cells by the Micropipette Aspiration Technique allows identifying mechanical changes induced by drugs, file e0ff0073-f5ee-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 109
Clinical evaluation of a nutraceutical diet as an adjuvant to pharmacological treatment in dogs affected by Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, file e0ff0073-f761-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 109
Fonni’s dog: morphological and genetic characteristics for a breed standard definition, file e0ff0073-f0a1-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 108
Oxytetracycline-Protein Complex: The Dark Side of Pet Food, file e0ff0073-f5ea-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 108
Clinical efficacy of nutraceutical diet for cats with clinical signs of cutaneus adverse food reaction (CAFR), file e0ff0074-0725-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 107
In Vitro Activity of Essential Oils Against Planktonic and Biofilm Cells of Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase (ESBL)/Carbapenamase-Producing Gram-Negative Bacteria Involved in Human Nosocomial Infections, file e0ff0074-4387-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 106
Repeated administration of a flavonoid-based formulated extract from citrus peels significantly reduces peripheral inflammation-induced pain in the rat, file e0ff0074-4712-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 103
The economic impact of second opinion in pathology, file e0ff0073-ea29-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 99
Delayed expansion of atrophic mandible (deam): a case report, file e0ff0073-eefc-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 99
An immune-modulating diet increases the regulatory T cells and reduces T helper 1 inflammatory response in Leishmaniosis affected dogs treated with standard therapy, file e0ff0073-f1d7-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 97
Cytotoxic and Bacteriostatic Activity of Nanostructured TiO2 Coatings, file e0ff0073-f35c-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 95
An Antioxidant Dietary Supplement Improves Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Levels in Serum of Aged Dogs: Preliminary Results, file e0ff0073-f1dd-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 94
Bone regeneration in aesthetic areas using titanium micromesh. Three case reports, file e0ff0073-f5f0-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 92
Bone computed tomography mineral content evaluation in chickens: effects of substances in homeopathic concentration, file e0ff0073-f17a-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 89
Unraveling a commercial formula to relieve halitosis in dogs, file e0ff0073-ed14-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 88
Antibacterial Effect of Stainless Steel Surfaces Treated with a Nanotechnological Coating Approved for Food Contact, file e0ff0074-b2af-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 87
Association between left-displaced abomasum corrected with 2-step laparoscopic abomasopexy and milk production in a commercial dairy farm in Italy, file e0ff0073-ed17-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 84
Effect of Chicken Bone Extracts on Metabolic and Mitochondrial Functions of K562 Cell Line, file e0ff0074-53fb-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 84
Effects in dogs with behavioural disorders of a commercial nutraceutical diet on stress and neuroendocrine parameters, file e0ff0073-f75f-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 83
“Burrata di Andria” PGI Cheese: Physicochemical and Microbiological Features, file e0ff0074-8fbd-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 83
Toxicological Implications and Inflammatory Response in Human Lymphocytes Challenged with Oxytetracycline, file e0ff0073-f1d9-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 82
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In Vitro Effects of Some Botanicals with Anti-Inflammatory and Antitoxic Activity, file e0ff0073-f0a5-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 79
The feasibility of a fiber optic laser approach to relieving lymphedematous syndrome: a case report, file e0ff0073-ebe0-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 77
Nanoparticles of a different source induce different patterns of activation in key biochemical and cellular components of the host response, file e0ff0073-edcd-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 75
Functional Foods in Pets and Humans, file e0ff0073-f24b-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 75
Antibiotic Resistance and Virulence Traits in Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci (VRE) and Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase/AmpC-producing (ESBL/AmpC) Enterobacteriaceae from Humans and Pets, file e0ff0074-273b-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 75
A preliminary study of painless and effective transdermal botulinum toxin A delivery by jet nebulization for treatment of primary hyperhidrosis, file e0ff0073-f0b0-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 73
Jurassic surgery and immunity enhancement by alkyglycerols of shark liver oil, file e0ff0073-f1f2-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 72
Biology (MDPI) - Pharmacology Section, file e0ff0074-e5a2-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 70
Onco-epidemiology of domestic animals and targeted therapeutic attempts: perspectives on human oncology, file e0ff0073-f25b-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 67
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Comparison of the effects of hyaluronidase and hyaluronic acid on probiotics growth, file e0ff0073-ebdd-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 64
Thiacloprid Induced Developmental Neurotoxicity via ROS-Oxidative Injury and Inflammation in Chicken Embryo: The Possible Attenuating Role of Chicoric and Rosmarinic Acids, file e0ff0074-d109-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 61
Modulatory effect of thymol on the immune response and susceptibility to Aeromonas hydrophila infection in Nile tilapia fish exposed to zinc oxide nanoparticles, file 5cbce3a4-41f2-46e8-8ea3-75d5cd49dd6a 60
Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles (ZnO-NPs) Suppress Fertility by Activating Autophagy, Apoptosis, and Oxidative Stress in the Developing Oocytes of Female Zebrafish, file 9268c4cc-e981-40f5-bec8-814df13a187d 56
Effect of Quercetin Nanoparticles on Hepatic and Intestinal Enzymes and Stress-Related Genes in Nile Tilapia Fish Exposed to Silver Nanoparticles, file cddd2dec-6a1b-4d55-b628-708979a7a592 54
Mineralization Effect of Homeopathic Substances on Turkeys Bones, file e0ff0073-f1e2-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 53
Astaxanthin Mitigates Thiacloprid-Induced Liver Injury and Immunotoxicity in Male Rats, file e0ff0074-d12f-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 51
Antibacterial Effect of Aluminum Surfaces Untreated and Treated with a Special Anodizing Based on Titanium Oxide Approved for Food Contact, file e0ff0074-a307-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 49
Functional pet foods, file e0ff0073-ea2d-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 47
Increased Expression of Toll-Like Receptor 4 in Skin of Dogs with Discoid Lupus Erythematous (DLE), file e0ff0074-c6d8-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 47
Protective effects of Borago officinalis (Borago) on cold restraint stress-induced gastric ulcers in rats: a pilot study, file e0ff0074-5bcf-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 46
Improving Hunted Wild Boar Carcass Hygiene: Roles of Different Factors Involved in the Harvest Phase, file e0ff0074-c092-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 44
Effect of a Probiotic Mixture in Captive Cheetahs (Acinonyx Jubatus) with Gastrointestinal Symptoms-A Pilot Study, file e0ff0074-dcaa-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 41
Quercetin Alleviates the Immunotoxic Impact Mediated by Oxidative Stress and Inflammation Induced by Doxorubicin Exposure in Rats, file e0ff0074-d11e-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 40
Evaluation of dried tomato pomace as a non-conventional feed: Its effect on growth, nutrients digestibility, digestive enzyme, blood chemistry and intestinal microbiota of growing quails, file e0ff0074-dca8-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 40
Adverse food reactions in dogs due to antibiotic residues in pet food: a preliminary study, file e0ff0073-eefe-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 37
Effect of Yeast-Fermented Citrus Pulp as a Protein Source on Nutrient Intake, Digestibility, Nitrogen Balance and In Situ Digestion Kinetics in Nili Ravi Buffalo Bulls, file e0ff0074-c88a-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 37
Comparison between an Emerging Point‐of‐Care Tool for TSH Evaluation and a Centralized Laboratory‐Based Method in a Cohort of Patients from Southern Italy, file e0ff0074-c47f-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 36
A Time-Course Study on a Food Contact Material (FCM)-Certified Coating Based on Titanium Oxide Deposited onto Aluminum, file e0ff0074-dd81-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 36
Immunosuppressive Effects of Thallium Toxicity in Nile Tilapia Fingerlings: Elucidating the Rescue Role of Astragalus membranaceus Polysaccharides, file ce64955e-40e1-4aa1-adf5-eed12df420f9 35
The Neonicotinoid Thiacloprid Interferes with the Development, Brain Antioxidants, and Neurochemistry of Chicken Embryos and Alters the Hatchling Behavior: Modulatory Potential of Phytochemicals, file e0ff0074-e712-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 35
Preparation and Characterization of Controlled-Release Floating Bilayer Tablets of Esomeprazole and Clarithromycin, file e0ff0075-0a40-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 35
In ovo protective effects of chicoric and rosmarinic acids against Thiacloprid-induced cytotoxicity, oxidative stress, and growth retardation on newly hatched chicks, file 593d0646-c386-4d2b-a807-95f87487a2ac 33
Possible association between DHEA and PKCε in hepatic encephalopathy amelioration: a pilot study, file e0ff0074-d481-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 31
Time-course study of the antibacterial activity of an amorphous SiOxCyHz coating certified for Food Contact, file e0ff0074-c372-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 29
Evidence for Endogenous Opioid Dependence Related to Latent Sensitization in a Rat Model of Chronic Inflammatory Pain, file 5d88fef2-b428-43bd-b45c-b3aa497d3b65 28
Growing and laying performance of two different-plumage color Japanese quail varieties supplemented with corn silk in their diet, file dc738c9c-1d6a-48bf-8a05-d4f834956500 27
Antibiotic treatments in zootechnology and effects induced on the food chain of domestic species and, comparatively, the human specie, file e0ff0073-f257-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 25
A Successful Nutraceutical Approach to Manage an Elderly Dog Presenting a Focal Granulomatous Dermatitis with a Concomitant Chronic Otitis, file e0ff0073-e1a5-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 23
A Case of Canine Dermal Melanoma: A Nutraceutical Approach, file e0ff0073-f5ec-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 22
Food chain information systems in medium- and small-sized slaughterhouses of central Italy and organ and carcass condemnations: A five-year survey, file e0ff0074-e287-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 22
Immunohistochemical Expression of p62 in Feline Mammary Carcinoma and Non-Neoplastic Mammary Tissue, file a556fbf9-37ff-4fd9-bab9-c626d77c1096 20
Growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor 1 affect the severity of Graves' disease, file e0ff0073-f09f-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 19
Probiotic Characterization and Population Diversity Analysis of Gut-Associated Pediococcus acidilactici for Its Potential Use in the Dairy Industry, file e0ff0074-d8e4-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 19
Origanum vulgare Essential Oil Modulates the AFB1-Induced Oxidative Damages, Nephropathy, and Altered Inflammatory Responses in Growing Rabbits, file c3c637da-5a18-46c4-a793-14dba0d14c2f 18
Physiological and Neurobehavioral Disturbances Induced by Al2O3 Nanoparticle Intoxication in Nile Tilapia Fish: Benefits of Dietary Chamomile Essential Oil, file f0fdb8ed-5774-48ea-abcf-001879ed7acb 18
Unusual antibiotic presence in gym trained subjects with food intolerance; a case report, file e0ff0073-f253-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 17
Preparation and In-Vitro Evaluation of Controlled-Release Matrices of Losartan Potassium Using Ethocel Grade 10 and Carbopol 934P NF as Rate-Controlling Polymers, file f2a5683e-bb85-4a25-9326-e9e500c214ba 15
Immune Modulation by Probiotics: State of the Art, file e0ff0074-6eba-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 14
In Silico Analysis of the L-2-Hydroxyglutarate Dehydrogenase Gene Mutations and Their Biological Impact on Disease Etiology, file e0ff0075-0ac7-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 14
Heat detoxification of Jatropha cucas meal and its effect on productive and reproductive performance of quail, file 4e70bef1-dee4-48d9-bb04-3ebd34d40ef5 13
Dunaliella salina Microalga Restores the Metabolic Equilibrium and Ameliorates the Hepatic Inflammatory Response Induced by Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles (ZnO-NPs) in Male Zebrafish, file c53682d6-11cb-4b30-b97c-d8fbb003570a 12
Lactobacillus Paracasei subsp. Paracasei F19; a farmacogenomic and clinical update, file e0ff0073-ebdb-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 12
Effects of Commercially Available Antioxidant-Enriched Fish- and Chicken-Based Diets on Biochemical Parameters and Blood Fatty Acid Profile of Old Dogs, file e0ff0075-0380-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 10
Understanding the Pathogenesis of Red Mark Syndrome in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) through an Integrated Morphological and Molecular Approach, file e14b724c-7733-4c89-9e29-bdb9a1fed24b 10
The role of chamomile oil against ochratoxin A in quail breeders: productive and reproductive performances, egg quality and blood metabolites, file 6f910ca3-d0f5-4004-86ab-d0f03b5e5313 9
Dietary supplementation of quercetin nanoparticles enhances the growth performance hematological and immunological responses and resistance to Aeromonas hydrophila infection in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) exposed to silver nanoparticles toxicity, file f832f49f-34ed-492d-b9e7-743cc17b2281 9
Formulation and Preparation of Losartan-Potassium-Loaded Controlled-Release Matrices Using Ethocel Grade 10 to Establish a Correlation between In Vitro and In Vivo Results, file 3fc7d396-8c12-4f20-aa18-26da31c51721 8
Characterization and Antibacterial Evaluation of Biodegradable Mannose‐Conjugated Fe‐MIL‐88NH2 Composites Containing Vancomycin against Methicillin‐Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Strains, file a9657af3-7eb7-4587-a77a-7ca6ce9ad34e 8
Totale 7.767
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