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Nome #
Molecular Structures and Coding Genes of the Water-Borne Protein Pheromones of Euplotes petzi, an Early Diverging Polar Species of Euplotes, file e0ff0072-b6b3-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 250
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The pheromone genes of the self/non-self recognition mechanism of the ciliate Euplotes crassus generate multiple transcripts by an alternative splicing of ‘matryoshka’ introns, file e0ff0073-d5cc-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 2
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The Euplotes raikovi pheromone family: identification of a sequence segment of potential importance for a distinction into subfamilies, file e0ff0072-4a9a-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 1
Structure-function relationships of pheromones of the ciliate Euplotes raikovi with mammalian growth factors: cross-reactivity between Er-1 and interleukin-2 systems., file e0ff0072-4aaf-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 1
Self/nonself recognition in the ciliated protozoa: characterization of the pheromone gene family of Euplotes nobilii. REPORT of the Xth scientific meeting of the Italian Association of Developmental and Comparative Immunobiology (IADCI), Urbino., file e0ff0072-5306-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 1
Evidence for methionine-sulfoxide-reductase gene transfer from Alphaproteobacteria to the transcriptionally active (macro)nucleus of the ciliate, Euplotes raikovi., file e0ff0072-6022-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 1
Evolution of the intracellular transport mechanisms in eukaryotes: ciliates and mammals use the same translocation and nuclear localization signals. REPORT of the XIVth scientific meeting of the Italian Association of Developmental and Comparative Immunobiology (IADCI), Palermo, file e0ff0072-623d-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 1
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Primary structure of Euplotes raikovi pheromones: comparison of five sequences of pheromones with variable mating interactions., file e0ff0072-b4f2-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 1
Genetic relationships in bipolar species of the protist ciliate, Euplotes, file e0ff0073-8175-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 1
Evidence for the chimeric origin of a pheromone-coding gene in Euplotes raikovi, file e0ff0074-5b51-9bac-e053-1705fe0af019 1
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