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A gravitational-wave standard siren measurement of the Hubble constant 1-gen-2017 Abbott, ; and Abbott, B. P.; and Abbott, R.; and Acernese, T. D.; and Ackley, F.; and Adams, K.; and Adams, C.; and Addesso, T.; and Adhikari, P.; and Adya, R. X.; and Affeldt, V. B.; and Afrough, C.; and Agarwal, M.; and Agathos, B.; and Agatsuma, M.; and Aggarwal, K.; and Aguiar, N.; and Aiello, O. D.; and Ain, L.; and Ajith, A.; and Allen, P.; and Allen, B.; and Allocca, G.; and Altin, A.; and Amato, P. A.; and Ananyeva, A.; and Anderson, A.; and Anderson, S. B.; and Angelova, W. G.; and Antier, S. V.; and Appert, S.; and Arai, S.; and Araya, K.; and Areeda, M. C.; and Arnaud, J. S.; and Arun, N.; and Ascenzi, K. G.; and Ashton, S.; and Ast, G.; and Aston, M.; and Astone, S. M.; and Atallah, P.; and Aufmuth, D. V.; and Aulbert, P.; and AultO'Neal, C.; and Austin, K.; and Avila-Alvarez, C.; and Babak, A.; and Bacon, S.; and Bader, P.; and Bae, M. K. M.; and Baker, S.; and Baldaccini, P. T.; and Ballardin, F.; and Ballmer, G.; and Banagiri, S. W.; and Barayoga, S.; and Barclay, J. C.; and Barish, S. E.; and Barker, B. C.; and Barkett, D.; and Barone, K.; and Barr, F.; and Barsotti, B.; and Barsuglia, L.; and Barta, M.; and Bartlett, D.; and Bartos, J.; and Bassiri, I.; and Basti, R.; and Batch, N.; and Bawaj, J. C.; and Bayley, M.; and Bazzan, J. C.; and Becsy, M.; and Beer, B.; and Bejger, C.; and Belahcene, M.; and Bell, I.; and Berger, A. S.; and Bergmann, B. K.; and Bero, G.; and Berry, J. J.; and Bersanetti, C. P. L.; and Bertolini, D.; and Betzwieser, A.; and Bhagwat, J.; and Bhandare, S.; and Bilenko, R.; and Billingsley, I. A.; and Billman, G.; and Birch, C. R.; and Birney, J.; and Birnholtz, R.; and Biscans, O.; and Biscoveanu, S.; and Bisht, S.; and Bitossi, A.; and Biwer, M.; and Bizouard, C.; and Blackburn, A.; and Blackman, J. K.; and Blair, J.; and Blair, C. D.; and Blair, D. G.; and Bloemen, R. M.; and Bock, S.; and Bode, O.; and Boer, N.; and Bogaert, M.; and Bohe, G.; and Bondu, A.; and Bonilla, F.; and Bonnand, E.; and Boom, R.; and Bork, B. A.; and Boschi, R.; and Bose, V.; and Bossie, S.; and Bouffanais, K.; and Bozzi, Y.; and Bradaschia, A.; and Brady, C.; and Branchesi, P. R.; and Brau, M.; and Briant, J. E.; and Brillet, T.; and Brinkmann, A.; and Brisson, M.; and Brockill, V.; and Broida, R.; and Brooks, J. E.; and Brown, N. F.; and Brown, D. A.; and Brunett, D. D.; and Buchanan, S.; and Buikema, C. C.; and Bulik, A.; and Bulten, H.; and Buonanno, H. J.; and Buskulic, A.; and Buy, D.; and Byer, C.; and Cabero, R. L.; and Cadonati, M.; and Cagnoli, L.; and Cahillane, G.; and Bustillo, C.; Calderon and Callister, J.; and Calloni, T. A.; and Camp, E.; and Canepa, J. B.; and Canizares, M.; and Cannon, P.; and Cao, K. C.; and Cao, H.; and Capano, J.; and Capocasa, C. D.; and Carbognani, E.; and Caride, F.; and Carney, S.; and Diaz, M. F.; Casanueva and Casentini, J.; and Caudill, C.; and Cavaglia, S.; and Cavalier, M.; and Cavalieri, F.; and Cella, R.; and Cepeda, G.; and Cerda-Duran, C. B.; and Cerretani, P.; and Cesarini, G.; and Chamberlin, E.; and Chan, S. J.; and Chao, M.; and Charlton, S.; and Chase, P.; and Chassande-Mottin, E.; and Chatterjee, E.; and Chatziioannou, D.; and Cheeseboro, K.; and Chen, B. D.; and Chen, H. Y.; and Chen, X.; and Cheng, Y.; and Chia, H. -. P.; and Chincarini, H.; and Chiummo, N.; and Chmiel, A.; and Cho, T.; and Cho, H. S.; and Chow, M.; and Christensen, J. H.; and Chu, N.; and Chua, Q.; and Chua, A. J. K.; and Chung, S.; and Chung, A. K. W.; and Ciani, S.; and Ciolfi, G.; and Cirelli, R.; and Cirone, C. E.; and Clara, N.; and Clark, F.; and Clearwater, J. A.; and Cleva, P.; and Cocchieri, F.; and Coccia, C.; and Cohadon, E.; and Cohen, P. -. F.; and Colla, D.; and Collette, A.; and Cominsky, C. G.; and Constancio, L. R.; R., J.; and Conti, M.; and Cooper, L.; and Corban, S. J.; and Corbitt, P.; and Cordero-Carrion, T. R.; and Corley, I.; and Cornish, K. R.; and Corsi, N.; and Cortese, A.; and Costa, S.; and Coughlin, C. A.; and Coughlin, M. W.; and Coulon, S. B.; and Countryman, J. -. P.; and Couvares, S. T.; and Covas, P.; and Cowan, P. B.; and Coward, E. E.; and Cowart, D. M.; and Coyne, M. J.; and Coyne, D. C.; and Creighton, R.; and Creighton, J. D. E.; and Cripe, T. D.; and Crowder, J.; and Cullen, S. G.; and Cumming, T. J.; and Cunningham, A.; and Cuoco, L.; and Dal Canton, E.; and Dalya, T.; and Danilishin, G.; and D'Antonio, S. L.; and Danzmann, S.; and Dasgupta, K.; and Costa, A.; Da Silva and Datrier, C. F.; and Dattilo, L. E. H.; and Dave, V.; and Davier, I.; and Davis, M.; and Daw, E. J.; and Day, E. J.; and De, B.; and DeBra, S.; and Degallaix, D.; and De laurentis, J.; and Deleglise, M.; and Del Pozzo, S.; and Demos, W.; and Denker, N.; and Dent, T.; and De Pietri, T.; and Dergachev, R.; and De Rosa, V.; and DeRosa, R.; and De Rossi, R. T.; and DeSalvo, C.; and de Verona, R.; and Devenson, O.; and Dhurancihar, J.; and Diaz, S.; and Di Fiore, M. C.; and Di Giovanni, L.; and Di Girolamo, M.; and Di Lieto, T.; and Di Pace, A.; and Di Palma, S.; and Di Renzo, I.; and Doctor, F.; and Dolique, Z.; and Donovan, V.; and Dooley, F.; and Doravari, K. L.; and Dorrington, S.; and Douglas, I.; and Alvarez, R.; Dovale and Downes, M.; and Drago, T. P.; and Dreissigacker, M.; and Driggers, C.; and Du, J. C.; and Ducrot, Z.; and Dupej, M.; and Dwyer, P.; and Edo, S. E.; and Edwards, T. B.; and Effler, M. C.; and Eggenstein, N.; and Ehrens, H. -. B.; and Eichholz, P.; and Eikenberry, J.; and Eisenstein, S. S.; and Essick, R. A.; and Estevez, R. C.; and Etienne, D.; and Etzel, Z. B.; and Evans, T.; and Evans, M.; and Factourovich, T. M.; and Fafone, M.; and Fair, V.; and Fairhurst, H.; and Fan, S.; and Farinon, X.; and Farr, S.; and Farr, B.; and Fauchon-Jones, W. M.; and Favata, E. J.; and Fays, M.; and Fee, M.; and Fehrmann, C.; and Feicht, H.; and Fejer, J.; and Fernandez-Galiana, M. M.; and Ferrante, A.; and Ferreira, I.; and Ferrini, E. C.; and Fidecaro, F.; and Finstad, F.; and Fiori, D.; and Fiorucci, I.; and Fishbach, D.; and Fisher, M.; and Fitz-Axen, R. P.; and Flaminio, M.; and Fletcher, R.; and Fong, M.; and Font, H.; and Forsyth, J. A.; and Forsyth, P. W. F.; and Fournier, S. S.; and Frasca, J. -. D.; and Frasconi, S.; and Frei, E.; and Freise, Z.; and Frey, A.; and Frey, R.; and Fries, V.; and Fritschel, E. M.; and Frolov, P.; and Fulda, V. V.; and Fyffe, P.; and Gabbard, M.; and Gadre, H.; and Gaebel, B. U.; and Gair, S. M.; and Gammaitoni, J. R.; and Ganija, L.; and Gaonkar, M. R.; and Garcia-Quiros, S. G.; and Garufi, C.; and Gateley, F.; and Gaudio, B.; and Gaur, S.; and Gayathril, G.; and Gehrels, V.; and Gemme, N.; and Genin, G.; and Gennai, E.; and George, A.; and George, D.; and Gergely, J.; and Germain, L.; and Ghonge, V.; and Ghosh, S.; and Ghosh, Abhirup; and Ghosh, Archisman; and Giaime, S.; and Giardina, J. A.; and Giazotto, K. D.; and Gill, A.; and Glover, K.; and Goetz, L.; and Goetz, E.; and Gomes, R.; and Goncharov, S.; and Gonzalez, B.; and Castro, G.; Gonzalez and Gopakumar, J. M.; and Gorodetsky, A.; and Gossan, M. L.; and Gosselin, S. E.; and Gouaty, M.; and Grado, R.; and Graef, A.; and Granata, C.; and Grant, M.; and Gras, A.; and Gray, S.; and Greco, C.; and Green, G.; and Gretarsson, A. C.; and Groot, E. M.; and Grote, P.; and Grunewald, H.; and Gruning, S.; and Guidi, P.; and Guo, G. M.; and Gupta, X.; and Gupta, A.; and Gushwa, M. K.; and Gustafson, K. E.; and Gustafson, E. K.; and Halim, R.; and Hall, O.; and Hall, B. R.; and Hamilton, E. D.; and Hammond, E. Z.; and Haney, G.; and Hanke, M.; and Hanks, M. M.; and Hanna, J.; and Hannam, C.; and Hannuksela, M. D.; and Hanson, O. A.; and Hardwick, J.; and Harms, I.; and Harry, J.; and Harry, G. M.; and Hart, I. W.; and Hester, M. J.; and Haughian, C. -. J.; and Healy, K.; and Heidmann, J.; and Heintze, N.; and Heitmann, M. C.; and Hello, H.; and Hemming, P.; and Hendry, G.; and Heng, M.; and Hennig, I. S.; and Heptonstall, J.; and Heurs, A. W.; and Hild, M.; and Hinderer, S.; and Hoak, T.; and Hofman, D.; and Holt, D.; and Holz, K.; and Hopkins, D. E.; and Horst, P.; and Hough, C.; and Houston, J.; and Howell, E. A.; and Hreibi, E. J.; and Hu, A.; and Huerta, Y. M.; and Huet, E. A.; and Hughey, D.; and Husa, B.; and Huttner, S.; and Huynh-Dinh, S. H.; and Indik, T.; and Inta, N.; and Intini, R.; and Isa, G.; and Isac, H. N.; and Isi, J. -. M.; and Iyer, M.; and Izumi, B. R.; and Jacqmin, K.; and Jani, T.; and Jaranowski, K.; and Jawahar, P.; and Jimenez-Forteza, S.; and Johnson, F.; and Jones, W. W.; and Jones, D. I.; and Jonker, R.; and Ju, R. J. G.; and Junker, L.; and Kalaghatgi, J.; and Kalogera, C. V.; and Kamai, V.; and Kandhasamy, B.; and Kang, S.; and Kanner, G.; and Kapadia, J. B.; and Karki, S. J.; and Karvinen, S.; and Kasprzack, K. S.; and Katolik, M.; and Katsavounidis, M.; and Katzman, E.; and Kaufer, W.; and Kawabe, S.; and Kefelian, K.; and Keitel, E.; and Kemball, D.; and Kennedy, A. J.; and Kent, R.; and Key, C.; and Khalili, J. S.; and Khan, F. Y.; and Khan, I.; and Khan, S.; and Khazanov, Z.; and Kijbunchoo, E. A.; and Kim, N.; and Kim, Chunglee; and Kim, J. C.; and Kim, K.; and Kim, W.; and Kim, W. S.; and Kimbrell, Y. -. M.; and King, S. J.; and King, E. J.; and Kinley-Hanlon, P. J.; and Kirchhoff, M.; and Kissel, R.; and Kleybolte, J. S.; and Klimenko, L.; and Knowles, S.; and Koch, T. D.; and Koehlenbeck, P.; and Koley, S. M.; and Kondrashov, S.; and Kontos, V.; and Korobko, A.; and Korth, M.; and Kowalska, W. Z.; and Kozak, I.; and Kraemer, D. B.; and Kringel, C.; and Krishnan, V.; and Krolak, B.; and Kuehn, A.; and Kumar, G.; and Kumar, P.; and Kumar, R.; and Kuo, S.; and Kutynia, L.; and Kwang, A.; and Lackey, S.; and Lai, B. D.; and Landry, K. H.; and Lang, M.; and Lange, R. N.; and Lantz, J.; and Lanza, B.; and Lartaux-Vollard, R. K.; and Lasky, N.; and Laxen, P. D.; and Lazzarini, M.; and Lazzaro, A.; and Leaci, C.; and Leavey, P.; and Lee, S.; and Lee, C. H.; and Lee, H. K.; and Lee, H. M.; and Lee, H. W.; and Lehmann, K.; and Lenon, J.; and Leonardi, A.; and Leroy, M.; and Letendre, N.; and Levin, N.; and Li, Y.; and Linker, T. G. F.; and Littenberg, S. D.; and Liu, T. B.; and Liu, J.; and Lo, X.; and Lockerbie, R. K. L.; and London, N. N.; and Lord, L. T.; and Lorenzini, J. E.; and Loriette, M.; and Lormand, V.; and Losurdo, M.; and Lough, G.; and Lousto, J. D.; and Lovelace, C. O.; and Lueock, G.; and Lumaca, H.; and Lundgren, D.; and Lynch, A. P.; and Ma, R.; and Macas, Y.; and Macfoy, R.; and Machenschalk, S.; and Maclnnis, B.; and Macleod, M.; and Hernandez, D. M.; Magana and Magana-Sandoval, I.; and Zertuche, F.; Magana and Magee, L.; and Majorana, R. M.; and Maksimovic, E.; and Man, I.; and Mandic, N.; and Mangano, V.; and Mansell, V.; and Manske, G. L.; and Mantovani, M.; Marchesoni, F.; Marion, And; and Marka, F.; and Marka, S.; and Markakis, Z.; and Markosyan, C.; and Markowitz, A. S.; and Maros, A.; and Marquina, E.; and Martelli, A.; and Martellini, F.; and Martin, L.; and Martin, I. W.; and Martynov, R. M.; and Mason, D. V.; and Massera, K.; and Masserot, E.; and Massinger, A.; and Masso-Reid, T. J.; and Mastrogiovanni, M.; and Matas, S.; and Matichard, A.; and Matone, F.; and Mavalvala, L.; and Mazumder, N.; and McCarthy, N.; and McClelland, R.; and McCormick, D. E.; and McCuller, S.; and McGuire, L.; and McIntyre, S. C.; and McIver, G.; and McManus, J.; and McNeill, D. J.; and McRae, L.; and McWilliams, T.; and Meacher, S. T.; and Meadors, D.; and Mehmet, G. D.; and Meidam, M.; and Mejuto-Villa, J.; and Melatos, E.; and Mendell, A.; and Mercer, G.; and Merilh, R. A.; and Merzougui, E. L.; and Meshkov, M.; and Messenger, S.; and Messick, C.; and Metzdorff, C.; and Meyers, R.; and Miao, P. M.; and Michel, H.; and Middleton, C.; and Mikhailov, H.; and Milano, E. E.; and Miller, L.; and Miller, A. L.; and Miller, B. B.; and Millhouse, J.; and Milovich-Goff, M.; and Minazzoli, M. C.; and Minenkov, O.; and Ming, Y.; and Mishra, J.; and Mitra, C.; and Mitrofanov, S.; and Mitselmakher, V. R.; and Mittleman, G.; and Moffa, R.; and Moggi, D.; and Mogushi, N.; and Mohan, K.; and Mohapatra, M.; and Montani, S. R. P.; and Moore, M.; and Moraru, C. J.; and Moreno, D.; and Morriss, G.; and Mours, S. R.; and Mow-Lowry, B.; and Mueller, C. M.; and Muir, G.; and Mukherjee, A. W.; and Mukherjee, Arunava; and Mukherjee, D.; and Mukund, S.; and Mullavey, N.; and Munch, A.; and Muniz, J.; and Muratore, E. A.; and Murray, M.; and Napier, P. G.; and Nardecchia, K.; and Naticchioni, I.; and Nayak, L.; and Neilson, R. K.; and Nelemans, J.; and Nelson, G.; and Nery, T. J. N.; and Neunzert, M.; and Nevin, A.; and Newport, L.; and Newton, J. M.; and Ng, G.; and Nguyen, K. K. Y.; and Nichols, T. T.; and Nielsen, D.; and Nissanke, A. B.; and Nitz, S.; and Noack, A.; and Nocera, A.; and Nolting, F.; and North, D.; and Nuttall, C.; and Oberling, L. K.; and O'Dea, J.; and Ogin, G. D.; and Oh, G. H.; and Oh, J. J.; and Ohme, S. H.; and Okada, F.; and Oliver, M. A.; and Oppermann, M.; and Oram, P.; and O'Reilly, Richard J.; and Ormiston, B.; and Ortega, R.; and O'Shaughnessy, L. F.; and Ossokine, R.; and Ottaway, S.; and Overmier, D. J.; and Owen, H.; and Pace, B. J.; and Page, A. E.; and Page, J.; and Pai, M. A.; and Pai, A.; and Palamos, S. A.; and Palashov, J. R.; and Palomba, O.; and Pal-Singh, C.; and Pan, A.; and Pan, Howard; and Pang, Huang-Wei; and Pang, B.; and Pankow, P. T. H.; and Pannarale, C.; and Pant, F.; and Paoletti, B. C.; and Paoli, F.; and Papa, A.; and Parida, M. A.; and Parker, A.; and Pascucci, W.; and Pasqualetti, D.; and Passaquieti, A.; and Passuello, R.; and Patil, D.; and Patricelli, M.; and Pearlstone, B.; and Pedraza, B. L.; and Pedurand, M.; and Pekowsky, R.; and Pele, L.; and Penn, A.; and Perez, S.; and Perreca, C. J.; and Perri, A.; and Pfeiffer, L. M.; and Phelps, H. P.; and Piccinni, M.; and Pichot, O. J.; and Piergiovanni, M.; and Pierro, F.; and Pillant, V.; and Pinard, G.; and Pinto, L.; and Pirello, I. M.; and Pitkin, M.; and Poe, M.; and Poggiani, M.; and Popolizio, R.; and Porter, P.; and Post, E. K.; and Powell, A.; and Prasad, J.; and Pratt, J.; and Pratten, J. W. W.; and Predoi, G.; and Prestegard, V.; and Prijatelj, T.; and Principe, M.; and Privitera, M.; and Prodi, S.; and Prokhorov, G. A.; and Puncken, L. G.; and Punturo, O.; and Puppo, M.; and Puerrer, P.; and Qi, M.; and Quetschke, H.; and Quintero, V.; and Quitzow-James, E. A.; and Raab, R.; and Rabeling, F. J.; and Radkins, D. S.; and Raffai, H.; and Raja, P.; and Rajan, S.; and Rajbhandari, C.; and Rakhmanov, B.; and Ramirez, M.; and Ramos-Buades, K. E.; and Rapagnani, A.; and Raymond, P.; and Razzano, V.; and Read, M.; and Regimbau, J.; and Rei, T.; and Reid, L.; and Reitze, S.; and Ren, D. H.; and Reyes, W.; and Ricci, S. D.; and Ricker, F.; and Rieger, P. M.; and Riles, S.; and Rizzo, K.; and Robertson, M.; and Robie, N. A.; and Robinet, R.; and Rocchi, F.; and Rolland, A.; and Rollins, L.; and Roma, J. G.; and Romano, V. J.; and Romano, J. D.; and Romel, R.; and Romie, C. L.; and Rosinska, J. H.; and Ross, D.; and Rowan, M. P.; and Ruediger, S.; and Ruggi, A.; and Rutins, P.; and Ryan, G.; and Sachdev, K.; and Sadecki, S.; and Sadeghian, I.; and Sakellariadou, L.; and Salconi, M.; and Saleem, L.; and Salemi, M.; and Samajdar, F.; and Sammut, A.; and Sampson, L.; and Sanchez, L. M.; and Sanchez, E. J.; and Sanchis-Gual, L. E.; and Sandberg, N.; and Sanders, V.; and Sassolas, J. R.; and Sathyaprakash, B.; and Saulson, B. S.; and Sauter, P. R.; and Savage, O.; and Sawadsky, R. L.; and Schale, A.; and Scheel, P.; and Schauer, M.; and Schmidt, J.; and Schmidt, J.; and Schnabel, P.; and Schofield, R.; and Schoenbeck, R. M. S.; and Schreiber, A.; and Schuette, E.; and Schulte, D.; and Schutz, B. W.; and Schwalbe, B. F.; and Scott, S. G.; and Scott, J.; and Seidel, S. M.; and Sellers, E.; and Sengupta, D.; and Sentenac, A. S.; and Sequino, D.; and Sergeev, V.; and Shaddock, A.; and Shaffer, D. A.; and Shah, T. J.; and Shahriar, A. A.; and Shaner, M. S.; and Shao, M. B.; and Shapiro, L.; and Shawhan, B.; and Shepard, P.; and Shoemaker, A.; and Shoemaker, D. H.; and Siellez, D. M.; and Siemens, K.; and Sieniawska, X.; and Sigg, M.; and Silva, D.; and Singer, A. D.; and Singh, L. P.; and Singhal, A.; and Sintes, A.; and Slagmolen, A. M.; and Smith, B. J. J.; and Smith, B.; and Smith, J. R.; and Somala, R. J. E.; and Son, S.; and Sonnenberg, E. J.; and Sorazu, J. N.; and Sorrentino, B.; and Souradeep, F.; and Spencer, T.; and Srivastava, A. P.; and Staats, A. K.; and Staley, K.; and Steer, A.; and Steinke, D.; and Steinlechner, M.; and Steinlechner, J.; and Steinmeyer, S.; and Stevenson, D.; and Stone, S. P.; and Stops, R.; and Strain, D. J.; and Stratta, K. A.; and Strigin, G.; and Strunk, S. E.; and Sturani, A.; and Stuver, R.; and Summerscales, A. L.; and Sun, T. Z.; and Sunil, L.; and Suresh, S.; and Sutton, J.; and Swinkels, P. J.; and Szczepanczyk, B. L.; and Tacca, M. J.; and Tait, M.; and Talbot, S. C.; and Talukder, C.; and Tanner, D.; and Tapai, D. B.; and Taracchini, M.; and Tasson, A.; and Taylor, J. D.; and Taylor, J. A.; and Tewari, R.; and Theeg, S. V.; and Thies, T.; and Thomas, F.; and Thomas, E. G.; and Thomas, M.; and Thorne, P.; and Thrane, K. A.; and Tiwari, E.; and Tiwari, S.; and Tokmakov, V.; and Toland, K. V.; and Tonelli, K.; and Tornasi, M.; and Torres-Forne, Z.; and Torrie, N.; and Toyra, C. I.; and Travasso, D.; and Traylor, F.; and Trinastic, G.; and Tringali, J.; and Trozzon, M. C.; and Tsang, L.; and Tse, K. W.; and Tso, M.; and Tsukada, R.; and Tsuna, L.; and Tuyenbayev, D.; and Ueno, D.; and Ugolini, K.; and Unnikrishnan, D.; and Urban, C. S.; and Usman, A. L.; and Vahlbruch, S. A.; and Vajente, H.; and Valdese, G.; and van Bakel, G.; and van Beuzekom, N.; and van den Brand, M.; and Van den Broeck, J. F. J.; and Vander-Hyde, C.; and van der Schaaf, D. C.; and van Heijningen, L.; and van Veggel, J. V.; and Vardaro, A. 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R.; and Willke, J. L.; and Wimmer, B.; and Winkler, M. H.; and Wipfl, W.; and Wittel, C. C.; and Woan, H.; and Woehler, G.; and Wofford, J.; and Wong, J.; and Worden, K. W. K.; and Wright, J.; and Wu, J. L.; and Wysocki, D. S.; and Xiao, D. M.; and Yamamoto, S.; and Yancey, H.; and Yang, C. C.; and Yap, L.; and Yazback, M. J.; and Yu, M.; and Yu, Hang; and Yvert, Haocun; and Zadrozny, M.; and Zanolin, A.; and Zelenova, M.; and Zendri, T.; and Zevin, J. -P.; and Zhang, M.; and Zhang, L.; and Zhang, M.; and Zhang, T.; and Zhao, Y. -. H.; and Zhou, C.; and Zhou, M.; and Zhu, Z.; and Zhu, S. J.; and Zimmerman, X. J.; and Zucker, A. B.; and Zweizig, M. E.; and Foley, J.; and Coulter, R. J.; and Drout, D. A.; and Kasen, M. R.; and Kilpatrick, D.; and Madore, C. D.; and Murguia-Berthier, B. F.; and Pan, A.; and Piro, Y. -. C.; and Prochaska, A. L.; and Ramirez-Ruiz, J. X.; and Rest, E.; and Rojas-Bravo, A.; and Shappee, C.; and Siebert, B. J.; and Simon, M. R.; and Ulloas, J. 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Structure of the 30S translation initiation complex 1-gen-2008 Simonetti, A.; Marzi, S.; Myasnikov, A. G.; Fabbretti, Attilio; Yusupov, M.; Gualerzi, Claudio; Klaholz, B. P. Articolo
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